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AP Leadership


AP Leadership (9th – 12th grade)

The mission of the AP Leadership program is to break the cycle of poverty by ensuring these students graduate from high school, seek continued higher education and enter the workforce as hard-working, prepared professionals.

The AP Leadership program is three-tiered, encompassing all high school grade levels, and incorporates research-based elements of proven highly effective programs: leadership development, service learning, college preparation, mentorship, as well as parent and family involvement.


The AP Leadership program includes:

Tier 1

 Leadership 101 (9th grade) and Leadership 201 (10th grade) students participate in a full year of TOP® – Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program. TOP® incorporates peer group meetings, community service learning and positive adult guidance and support to achieve outstanding outcomes for teens.

Tier 2

 Leadership 301 (11th and 12th grade) students participate in college and career exploration activities, which include ACT Prep classes, as well as assistance with writing essays, resumes and applications for college and scholarships.

Tier 3

AP Leaders are selected after a competitive application process for part-time employment as teaching assistants in the Academy of Leaders after-school program.  AP Leaders additionally participate in college access activities and a mentorship in which they are paired with a mentor they meet with regularly.


Progress Report

At mid-year, ninety-three percent of students are showing academic improvement.

Twelve AP Leaders have completed 48 college applications and have applied for
102 scholarships.

One-hundred percent of seniors have been accepted into one or more colleges.

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