Grace Place for Children and Families

Adult Education


Access to education and learning for adults is a fundamental aspect of the right to education and facilitates the exercise of the right to participate in political, economic, cultural, artistic and scientific life.


The mission of the Adult Education program is to furnish the knowledge and skills necessary for adult learners to succeed in the acquisition of the English language and to nurture the assimilation process to the culture of the United States.

These concentrated adult education classes enable learners to improve their language, literacy and life skills to unlock new opportunities for superior job placement with higher compensation and improved community relations and involvement. Adult Education students have the additional advantage of supplementing their English classes with our Rosetta Stone language software in the computer lab.

The Adult Education Program provides courses in English as a Second Language, Financial Literacy and Citizenship.


Progress Report

Eighteen students completed all three-weeks of the financial literacy class with Financial
Planning Association of SW Florida.

Six students received their citizenship, with three more potential graduates, which is our
largest graduating class to date.

4,798 hours of English language and citizenship instruction were provided during the 2015 program year.

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